Starting this Thursday, June 21, we have a new format for our Thursday evening schedule. The intermediate class is now 7-8pm, followed by a Beg. Swing Drop-In Lesson, 8-9pm. This beginner class will borrow from the Beg. East Coast & Beg. Lindy Hop classes with rotating material each week, presented in a drop-in friendly format – enabling new beginners to come to their first lesson and stay for the Thursday night dance, 9-11pm.

Our Tuesday line-up this session is Beg. 2, 7-8pm and Slow Lindy, 8-9pm. In the Slow Lindy class, we will be teaching moves that emphasize styling and technique specialized for slow swing music. Many people find it difficult to dance slow tempos and be comfortable with the connection & momentum – slow down and unwind with us and we’ll show you why we love Slow Lindy.

Especially for those to the west of Baltimore, our classes in Mt. Airy are still at the same times on Sundays – 6-7 for beginners, 7-8 for intermediate dancers.

For the complete class schedule, visit: